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Essex, Gloucestershire and West Mercia Police have all ordered Ferret, WPC Software’s document management system.

Ferret will be installed in stations throughout the forces’ licensing departments enabling them to work towards a paperless office. With the new act specifying that operating schedules and premises plans be submitted with premises licence applications, the need for document management has never been greater, claims WPC Software.

With this application forces will be able to scan in all documents associated with licensing. The schedules will specify exactly what activities the premises are licensed for, and the software firm believe all users will recognise that being able to view them on-line will be an essential part of the system.

If you already have Ferret, the firm adds, you will be able to go into Ferret from the appropriate premises form in the Inn Keeper software and scan in the operating schedule. Ferret will allocate the file name and you will then be able to view the schedule on the screen at the click of a button on the premises form.

If you do not have Ferret you will still be able to view the documents if you have scanned them in and stored them using the naming conventions provided. The premises form on Inn Keeper will have two buttons for the Operating Schedule and Premises plan.  Clicking these buttons will display these documents, if available.  Using Ferret you will be able to store any number of documents, such as applications, appeals etc against premises.

For more information on Ferret ring Dan Sims on 0117 908 1484.

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