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Finger Biometric In US

by msecadm4921

In the States, Howard County Police Department in Maryland has completed field test of a biometrically-secure wireless reporting system developed by ITSI using the Identix BioEngine fingerprint recognition technology.

The system, called iSure uses biometric encryption to secure and authenticate documents and applications that are being transferred through a wireless network, validating ownership when received. iSure was developed by ITSI under a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and according to ITSI, the system works as follows:

Before opening or transmitting a report, the officer provides proof of identity by placing his/her fingerprint on an Identix BioTouch PC Card that is built-in to the laptop. The report is encrypted using the biometric and sent wirelessly. iSure uses the biometric key to decrypt the file validating the identity of the sender. Once ownership is validated, the electronic signature is decrypted using the biometric and the electronic signature is attached to the report.

What they say

Debra Shapiro, President of ITSI, said: “Officers using the system were enthusiastic about the ease of use and timesavings it provided as well as the added security for the wireless transmissions. iSure is a solution that we believe has broad appeal to law enforcement as well as homeland security agencies and has been optimized as an effective means of adding security, verification and validation to wireless transmissions. We are pleased to be working with Identix, well-known for delivering mature, proven product and technology, in delivering these capabilities.” Dr Joseph J. Atick, President of Identix said: “This latest implementation is an excellent example of the potential of biometrics — enabling a broad range of applications. We are proud of our strong track record in working with law enforcement, providing a full range of products and solutions — live scan, on-the-spot identification, facial recognition, physical and logical security — and welcome the opportunity to work with ITSI in this latest implementation.”

About the product

BioEngine is Identix’ core, proprietary fingerprint recognition technology that enables a variety of applications for fingerprint verification (one-to- one matching) and identification (one-to-many matching). The Identix BioTouch PC Card is a card with a built-in optical fingerprint reader, designed for mobile users.

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