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Fire Standards

by msecadm4921

The British Standards Institution (BSI) reports publication of the latest standards for fire fighting systems and fire extinguishing installations and equipment.

It’s updated standards to BS 5306-1:1976. BS 9990:2006 Code of practice for non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings and BS 5306-1:2006 Code of practice for fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises.

Building protection

David Smith, BSI Fire Committee Chair says: "It is important for fire protection of a building to be considered as a whole. The provision of fire mains is an essential element of fire protection systems in large and complex buildings due to the difficulties in providing water supplies at the point of use for fire fighting and search and rescue. It is therefore essential that these systems are carefully maintained to ensure instant readiness when required."

West London-based BSI reports that BS 9990:2006 brings up to date the guidance on private fire mains (both internal and external) and gives recommendations for non-automatic fire fighting systems in buildings. It covers good practice in matters affecting the design, installation, testing and maintenance of such systems including wet and dry fire-fighting mains.

The main changes from BS 5306-1:1976 are, the standards body reports, that BS 9990:2006 no longer gives guidance on when and where such systems are needed (which is now provided, for example, in guidance supporting national building regulations), but deals solely with the design of the systems, including recommendations for provision, siting, installation and maintenance. BS 5306-1:2006 now contains only the residual material which deals with hose reels and foam inlets and this has been updated. It covers good practice in matters affecting the design, installation, testing and maintenance of such systems. BS 9990:2006 and BS 5306-1:2006 supersede BS 5306-1:1976, which is now withdrawn.

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