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FM Days

by msecadm4921

Below, a couple of upcoming British Institute of Facilities Management one-day courses.

Disaster recovery and business continuity is the topic of a central London day’s training on June 14.

No organisation is immune to severe disruption of its activities from unforeseen incident that may develop into disasters.  No responsible manager can afford to ignore the danger to employees, the loss of essential assets and the overall financial impact. This one day course reviews among other things: Responsibilities; developing a threat matrix; risk assessment and avoidance; and PR and communications.

And selecting and controlling contractors on site is the topic of another training day on July 17, also in central London. Organisers report that facilities managers are increasingly being held to account for breaches of health and safety legislation committed by their contractors.  When contracting out you cannot outsource your H&S responsibilities – both parties have duties under H&S law.   This course provides guidance for anyone responsible for bringing a contractor onto their premises.

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