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Surveillance manufacturer Ganz reports strong interest from a cross-section of visitors to its stand at IFSEC 2007, including installers, end users, specifiers, system integrators and consultants.

Ganz’s exhibition display featured a number of new models in the C-AllView range of day/night high-speed ‘ruggedised’ PTZ cameras. Sealed to IP67, they can be installed in harsh and challenging environments, the makers claim, or where the camera unit may be liable to physical abuse. Or, due to its aesthetic appeal, it can be installed anywhere where a standard external dome might have otherwise be used, the makers add.

36x optical zoom

The latest cameras, designed for a range of applications include the C-AllView36, boasting a 36:1 optical zoom enabling solutions to long range requirements where previously the alternatives were costly and cumbersome, it is claimed. A flat glass window ensures crystal clear images at high zoom settings and permits a built-in self cleaning wiper.

Infrared capability

Other new C-AllView models in the range demonstrated include infrared equipped units using Ganz’s IR750 and IR500 long-range infrared illuminators. The IR750/50180 unit will provide night-time camera illumination up to 100 metres at 50-180 degree coverage, while the IR500/1020 offers coverage up to 300 metres at 10 to 20 degrees.

Thermal imaging

Meanwhile, the C-AllView Thermal provides a combination of thermal and optical technologies in the same camera housing, enabling the camera to detect persons or vehicles at extreme range, it is claimed. It has the ability to switch to optical for recognition purposes and evidence gathering at shorter distances.

A 30 micron detector provides a real-time 25Hz frame rate (UK only), plus thermal sensitivity and dynamic range. An 9 Hz licence-exempt version is also available for export customers. Histogram-based image processing and video output pixel interpolation resolution are also employed.

Radar detection

Ganz’s research and development engineers have also produced the C-AllView Radar Detection System, designed to detect and track intruders moving at ranges up to a 500m radius from the sensor. An audible and visual alarm can be raised to alert security staff, avoiding the need for them to constantly monitor screens, the makers add. The radar will independently control up to five separate PTZ cameras to display and track multiple threats simultaneously. The radar scans in 360 degrees, including over water, and is effective in all weather and light conditions, it is claimed.

“We’re delighted with the reception our new products received at IFSEC,” said Division Manager Geoff Bowers. “Our line-up of specialised new C-AllView cameras has already been well received and we‚ve had a stream of enquiries for follow-up details. Moreover, the insights we were able to give stand visitors into innovative future systems currently on the drawing board show we’re not standing still. There’s lots more to come from Ganz and Computar.”

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