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Graffiti Busting

by msecadm4921

Talking still of David Cameron, his hoodies speech did mention early on how graffiti can lead to fear of street crime. To be fair, police and others are already on the case, in Carlisle for instance.

Cumbria Police, and Carlisle City and Eden District Councils have been working together.

Anyone who sees graffiti or has it on their property can refer it to police or the district council, or to Neighbourhood Watch. The owner of the property is contacted and the graffiti is removed, if it is offensive graffiti, within 24 hours, otherwise within a week.

The Council Environmental Task force sets about the removal, with help from the Probation Service. Offenders they oversee carry out community work without charge.

Police report that they compile information from the graffiti with a view to prosecuting offenders. Some probationer constables in Carlisle have taken on board graffiti removal as part of their action plan for their communities. Graffiti is a visible sign of disrespect an as such it needs to be dealt with quickly, police add.

Sergeant Tony Kirkbride works in the community safety unit at Carlisle and is closely involved with the scheme. He said: ‘Graffiti can have a signalling affect to local people by wrongly increasing their fear of crime. That is why it is important to deal with it as quickly as possible. The scheme aims to reduce that fear by making the area look better and to make it less likely that others will add to the graffiti spot. This is something the Carlisle and Eden Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership have given us strong support over and they are keen to see that action is taken to remove the graffiti.’

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