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Graffiti Work

by msecadm4921

Newport Community Safety Partnership are able to continue anti-graffiti work with Gwent Police Crime Prevention Department and the Probation Service thanks to a £50,000 grant courtesy of the Welsh Assembly.

The grant will be allocated to a pilot project that involves the removal of graffiti from buildings, walls and underpasses in the Newport area. It will be used to buy and equip a purpose built vehicle, to travel to sites all over the city to remove graffiti. The vehicle will include a water tank, high visibility jackets and cones, wash basin and the necessary chemicals to remove the graffiti.

Gwent Probation Service will be notified of the identified areas and under supervision, offenders on Community Safety Orders will attend the sites to clean up the graffiti and in addition provide some payback to local communities as part of ‘Cleaner Safer Neighbourhoods’ in Newport. Other environmental issues will also be tackled including litter picking and fly-postal removal.

What they say

Newport Police Chief Inspector, David Johnson said: "The grant is excellent news for communities in Newport. This is partnership working at its very best and will help in the rapid regeneration of Newport City and its surrounding wards. This will lead to cleaner safer neighbourhoods, which will benefit all sections of our community. None of this would be possible without the support of the Welsh Assembly Government and Newport Community Safety Partnership."

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