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Guard Check Call Services

by msecadm4921

The monitoring station Visual Verification has recently expanded its services with the installation of guarding check call software within the British Standard control room.

Visual Verification report that they are helping their clients, who are looking to reduce costs, by offering automated guarding check calls. At a fraction of the cost of running their own control room guarding firms can employ the use of Visual’s SIA-approved facility. By expanding their service portfolio to assist primarily manned guarding companies, Visual Verification can enable clients to meet their service requirements and reduce overhead costs, the firm adds.

According to Sales Manager Chris Connors: "The results have been very impressive so far, both in terms of numbers and status of the client base. The check call software makes the booking on and off process very simple for guards and from as little as £15 per week the business decision makes a lot of sense, particularly at the present time."

The same system can be employed in lone worker scenarios across all industry sectors, thus the xompany sees growth in this area over the next 12 months especially as overheads are squeezed and analysis of the bottom line is increased.

Any companies looking to this can contact Visual to arrange a visit to the control room.

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