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Guardian Product

by msecadm4921

Illegitimate use of legitimate authority is a major risk for businesses—but one that has traditionally been challenging to combat. So say Finally Software.

From a departing sales executive who burns a prospecting database to a CD, to a programmer at an offshore partner company who makes a copy of source code, an organisation’s insiders have the power to bring about dramatic financial loss.

About the product

The firm says that its Digital Guardian product provides the ability to both detect threats and prevent incidents in real-time. Digital Guardian uses patent-pending technology to enable companies to successfully manage risks to information, enforce security policies and maintain information integrity, claims the firm. Using a thin, invisible client on workstations and a centralized management server, Digital Guardian protects data by: providing visibility into enterprise-wide information use; and by monitoring and reporting on all activity taking place on desktops, laptops and file servers, Digital Guardian yields insight into internal threats to information. By alerting users and administrators of possible violations to information usage policies and by blocking actions that might compromise information, Digital Guardian prevents incidents before they occur. Typical network and server-based scanning and surveillance tools are blind to most user activity at desktops and laptops, where insider incidents are most likely to occur. With the increasing use of storage devices and communication technologies that allow data to be highly mobile, the ability to protect proprietary and sensitive information is essential.

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