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by msecadm4921

Group 4 Technology announces a new partnership with DAP Technologies. DAP, part of RMT, Inc., (a Roper Industries company), provides hardware for mission-critical applications. The new partnership seeks to engineer a handheld security solution to be used in highly sensitive and mission critical deployments.

Group 4 Technology’s Symmetry Security Management System provides intelligent networked solutions scaled to manage access control and video in security management challenges from small, remote facilities to multi-national government and
non-government organisations – the firm says. Utilising software designed by Hawkeye Technology, a software developer, integration between Symmetry and DAP’s CE3240 series of handheld computers will help increase the productivity of data collection, processing and transmission, the firms add.

Applications include utilities and transportation. DAP’s handheld and in-vehicle computers are designed to handle rough treatment and extreme weather conditions, the firms add.

“Several industries need a rugged, highly secure and portable security solution to reduce the risk of unauthorized entrances in highly sensitive areas,” said Group 4 Technology Chief Technology Officer, David Ella. “This new product offering will provide our customers with a versatile, vastly reliable option that will help reduce risk.”

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