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Healthcare Breakthrough

by msecadm4921

The healthcare security managers? body is confident of a breakthrough on training, whereby their standards will be taken on by Government.

Garry Purdy, who chairs the National Association for Healthcare Security, told Professional Security that the Department of Health Security Review Group has drawn up a ?strong training package? that includes 139 hours, seven weeks of training for an NHS security officer. This compares with the current three days. Garry Purdy, Security Adviser at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, said: ?We sincerely believe we are the leading light in the security industry, the first organisation to set down professional training standards for security officers.? The review group, chaired until recently by Jim Halliwell of NHS Estates in Leeds, had input from the Home Office, NHS (on procurement standards), the NHS Counter Fraud Service (featured in Professional Security in May) and police. Garry Purdy spoke of disappointment that the group?s work has been ?held up? by the NHS, because all the group?s work has been complete for some time. However he is confident that hospital security managers and officers alike will have accreditation, benchmarked, with the chance to gain qualifications to degree level. He added: ?I would expect a raising of salaries. It will weed out a lot of dross – officers and even companies – unless they meet the standards.? Garry, a career Derbyshire Police officer who joined the healthcare sector in 1997, also offers risk management training in dealing with violence and aggression – which with drugs in hospitals make up the two biggest problems for NAHS members, he said. He paid tribute to previous chairman David Sowter, now association president. The NAHS is a member of the Joint Security Industry Council. Visit and

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