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by msecadm4921

Latches, locks and hinges manufacturer DIRAK reports it has introduced hinges with D-SNAP technology.

The newest hinges, marketed under the SNAP-LINE brand, require no screws or tools for installation, the firm reports. A part designed with D-SNAP technology requires only a moderate pressing motion to install it in place on a prepared panel, it is claimed. All DIRAK hinges, including the new SNAP-LINE hinges are modular and suitable for a range of applications, the firm adds. Replacing or upgrading within the DIRAK product line generally does not require new panel preparation, it is claimed. Hinges are available for surface and flush mounting, concealed, lift-off and offer a range of opening angles from 120 degrees to 270 degrees. Hinges can be welded-on, or "snapped-in", using the SNAP-LINE hinges, and are available in polyamide, stainless and die-cast zinc. Applications include electrical enclosures, cabinets in telecommunications, and for sheet metal in telecommunications and computer enclosures, railway, industrial machinery, food equipment, heating and ventilation, data centre security, medical equipment and tunnel security.

Traditionally, according to the manufacturers, installing a hinge on a door or frame requires as many as three steps: aligning the hardware, fitting washers and nuts, and tightening screws. Installation of hardware with D-SNAP technology, from start to finish, takes about as much time as merely aligning a part, the first step of the traditional assembly, it is claimed.

Earlier this year, the company established DIRAK LTD, a subsidiary that serves the UK through a team of technical account managers. A sales headquarters and warehouse are located in Hampshire. DIRAK products are sold and distributed through a global sales representatives. Products in the DIRAK modular locking, latching, and hinging system family include quick release fasteners, quarter-turn fasteners, snap/push locks, knobs, handles, wing-L&T handles, swinghandles, hinges, and EMI/RFI gasketing.

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