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Hoodies And Coppers

by msecadm4921

A speech calling for us to understand so-called hoodies got Conservative leader David Cameron all the headlines. Less noticed was his call for what he called full-scale reform of the police service to re-energise the fight against crime.

He told the Police Foundation’s John Harris Memorial lecture: "The public wants the police to be crime fighters, not form writers. They want the police to be a force as well as a service. So we must be frank about the areas where police performance is unacceptably poor."<br><br>Mr Cameron said three key changes were needed to provide a more effective service:<br><br>Officers should be released from the bureaucracy that prevents them from doing their job. <br><br>Strong local accountability must replace the centralisation of police forces. <br><br>Chief constables must be set clear local objectives to cut crime – and then given the responsibility and freedom to do so.<br><br>In a separate speech, Mr Cameron called for greater understanding of what he called the emotional causes of teenage crime. Hood-wearing by youths is defensive rather than offensive, he stressed; done to make children anonymous on streets where ‘men in suits’ might find the air menacing. <br><br>He told the Centre for Social Justice: "Too often, the debate is about short-term solutions: ASBOs, curfews and criminal justice. Of course, we need these things to protect the public from anti-social behaviour today. But my aim is a society where we need them less and less."<br><br>He said: "The long-term answer to anti-social behaviour is a pro-social society where we really do get to grips with the causes of crime. Family breakdown, drugs, children in care, educational underachievement – these provide the backdrop to too many lives and can become the seed bed of crime." You can read the speeches in full on the Conservative Party website:

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