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House Safe

by msecadm4921

The latest Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother show had to be secure and safe.

The latest Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother show had to be secure and safe. A Minerva MX1000 was installed for safety of the TV contestants by ADT of Hemel Hempstead following a fire scare in a previous series. Some 60 fire detectors have also been installed, linked to a central panel, giving the production team control in the event of an emergency or evacuation. The central panel is also linked to a repeater panel, enabling security staff to pinpoint the source of a potential problem via an external building if the fire alarm is activated, making outside contact even less likely for the contestants during their stay. Other features include emergency lighting, which allows enough light for the camera crews to film the contestants clandestinely behind two-way mirrors – without being spied on themselves. Gary Ashton, ADT Regional Sales Manager, said: ?Big Brother is almost a national institution, so it has been a very exciting project for the team to work on. ADT has played an important role in making sure that the famous housemates are in very safe hands, whilst at the same time cutting them off from the outside world.?

About the product

The Minerva MX Technology uses a range of fire detection systems. Consisting of a range of panels and multi sensor detectors, Minerva MX Technology can be programmed to match the needs of any environment, budget or risk, say ADT. Visit

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