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Insider Danger

by msecadm4921

To combat the growing threat of theft of integral corporate information by employees (or ‘insiders’), Maxima Group has a new range of products and consulting services.

Organisations spend millions of pounds on perimeter security to keep out intruders (eg firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access controls). However, most have invested little on addressing the threat from the inside, say Maxima. The real ‘jewel in the crown’ of any organisation is its proprietary information and this is what ‘insiders’ target and exploit for their personal gain, the consultancy says.

The failure to electronically secure, restrict and monitor the transmission of critical data has been proven to cause financial loss, damage to market reputation and share value. Take the following case study:

Microsoft employee, Daniel Feussner, was charged in December last year after an FBI investigation found that he had perpetrated a $9m dollar software scam. A supposedly secure and valued employee, he ruthlessly abused Microsoft’s internal purchasing system, obtaining millions of dollars worth of product and selling them ‘on the street’. He was charged with 15 counts of wire, mail and computer fraud and faced a five year jail sentence.

The threat from the insider can be as blatant as in the above example or can be more subtle and difficult to detect. The software tools that Maxima are now using enable the protection of the most critical corporate information in a way that all users across the organisation can relate to and use to locate abuse/misuse and other anomalies quicker than ever, the firm says. Two of the products that are being used are:


A network security analysis tool, developed with the National Security Agency in the USA, recently de-classified and therefore available to organisations on a commercial basis. This system
enables identification of security risks and network vulnerabilities by tracking all network communications activity and alerting management to any potential threats.


Solves the problem of securing and controlling access and transmission of data. This tool enables secure encryption of the most sensitive data AND ensures that when such information is released, access rights (eg printing, saving, cutting, pasting, etc) can be controlled and gives the author of a document the ability to give time-limited access to a recipient. Do organisations know who in their employ has unrestricted access to client/customer details, financial or personnel data, or even merger, acquisition or business strategy information? Maxima ask.

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