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IP Light

by msecadm4921

Raytec’s RAYMAX IP and RAYLUX IP are the firm says the first dedicated IP lighting solutions designed to deliver Infra-Red or White-Light illumination for IP cameras.

Installation according to the company is quick and easy requiring only an Ethernet cable to be connected. With inbuilt photocell plus Command and Control technology there is no need for a separate external PSU.

IP lighting lowers installation costs the firm adds as it allows installers to use the existing network structure to power illumination.

"Nobody should forget that most crime happens at night, and our new IP lighting solutions allow specialist IP cameras to deliver full 24/7 surveillance under all conditions" says David Lambert, Sales & Marketing Director of Raytec.

This dedicated IP lighting range is a first in a series of initiatives by Raytec to provide dedicated lighting solutions for the growing IP market. For more information on dedicated CCTV/IP lighting please request your free ‘Guide to CCTV Lighting’ at

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