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by msecadm4921

A growing number of security buyers are turning to all-inclusive remote IP-surveillance. It’s a way of reducing long term costs and improving efficiency, according to CCTV Center, a Panasonic distributor for the UK and Ireland.

(As reported on page 48 of the January print issue of Professional Security magazine). <br><br>On the financial benefits of remote monitoring, the company says that cost of ownership can now be recouped in as little as a year, instead of the five years previously typical. Carl Hayesmore, Technical Manager of CCTV Center, says: “This is an important consideration, alongside the determination of system planners to ensure the long term viability of their investments.” The report argues that many ‘typical’ end-users can save &#163;100,000 a year by reducing dependence on on-site guarding and making use of the latest remote CCTV. It also estimates that users save around 70 per cent when they switch from dedicated ISDN lines to IP. The distributor’s IPro24/7 offering includes cameras and digital recording, the broadband transmission link and third party products such as alarm sensors and interfaces, microphones, lighting, brackets and housings, cables, and alarm receiving centre (ARC) monitoring, provided by Panasonic’s approved partner, iWatch UK. <br><br>A full copy of the report can be downloaded from CCTV Center – visit<br><br>Take up is also growing because of installers. &quot;For installers, there is the exciting prospect of being able to offer end users an investment they can recoup in the first year – there’s no need to wait until year five before clawing back the cost of ownership.&quot;

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