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by msecadm4921

The Irish Department of Defence has selected the SecureDBP database encryption product from IT firm nCipher to protect military staff records and sensitive inventory information.

The Irish Department of Defence is using SecureDB with nCipher’s nShield hardware security module (HSM) to protect these critical information assets. "As we have transitioned from closed private networks to a more open IP-based infrastructure we identified the requirement for a highly secure database security solution that would work well within our existing application base, specifically integrating with those built around the Oracle E-Business Suite and our internally developed personnel management system," said Commandant Mark Staunton (Applications Manager) of the Irish Defence Forces. "After an extensive review process we selected nCipher’s SecureDB which provides us with an off-the-shelf database encryption solution backed by the added security of nCipher’s nShield hardware security module. This flexible and cost-effective solution allows us to protect our most critical information with minimal degradation in performance and without the burden of resourcing in-house development tasks, both of which are issues often associated with deploying large-scale encryption within databases."

About the product

SecureDB enables users to encrypt just the sensitive information in a company’s database, leaving non-sensitive information unencrypted. Selected data items can be protected not only from external attack but also from authorised database users without correct permissions. This ensures separation of duty between administration and security functions, it is claimed.

Data loss

"Since the beginning of the year we have seen several high profile announcements from companies who have been required to publicly disclose the loss of confidential data due to theft or simply human error. The Irish Defence Forces and Department of Defence’s decision to deploy an encryption solution at the database level reflects an increasing trend among major organizations worldwide," says Ciarán Stapleton, sales director at nCipher. "nCipher’s SecureDB database encryption solution addresses exactly this kind of problem by providing additional levels of access control and selective encryption of only the information designated as being sensitive, directly within a variety of market leading databases."

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