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Irish Eyes

by msecadm4921

Eight 12~240mm and four 10-140mm Pentax zoom lenses have been installed at a Dublin medical centre, as part of the security and general management system at Beaumont Hospital.

The 620-bed facility occupies a 37-acre site with a range of surveillance requirements that include access control, car parks, public safety and general asset management.

Beaumont is the principal undergraduate and post graduate medical training and research centre for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and offers 24-hour continuous call emergency service for a catchment area of 250,000 in Northside.

The Beaumont opened in 1987. Today, it is also the National Referral Centre for neurosurgical patients, Renal & Pancreatic Transplantation and Cochlear Implantation, aplus a Regional Treatment Centre for Ear, Nose and Throat and Gastroenterology patients.

Safety and security is a concern and the decision was taken in 2001 to improve the security systems within the hospital. The project was to include access control throughout the site and a CCTV system allowing security staff vision of all car parks and sensitive areas around the campus.

The overall technical authority for the Hospital security systems was awarded to Atkins Telecoms. Atkins worked with Beaumont security staff through requirements capture and design exercises to produce a detailed technical specification for tender purposes. Following a detailed evaluation of all tender responses the contract was awarded to Baydale Control Systems, Atkins were retained for the duration of the installation to provide contract administration and technical consultancy.

What they say

"When the tender document specifies that level of quality and reliability we don’t have to think twice", says Andy Ward of Baydale Control Systems. "It often happens that installers who support the use of components that save costs instead of doing the best job possible aren’t thinking of whole life costs. Fortunately together with Atkins it was possible to ensure the highest quality. Baydale Control Systems is also responsible for the maintenance of the system and the use of quality components such as lenses means that firstly the client has less downtime – if any – and we have fewer callouts".

The 12~240mm lens is a 20X motorized zoom lens used, the makers say, on town and city centre surveillance systems, where large and generally unobstructed public space can be monitored by fewer cameras (thus bringing cost savings) – owing to the long focal length, reliability and resolution quality of the Pentax lens in particular, it is claimed.

Pentax lenses are already to be found in key zones of Dublin, most notably the Temple Bar area. Other applications include London’s congestion charging where a special version with two-second end-to-end high speed zoom speed is utilised.

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