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by msecadm4921

IT security and control firm Sophos launched a new software offering, Sophos Security and Data Protection, incorporating encryption and data protection capabilities into its endpoint, email and web security products.

According to the firm, Sophos Security and Data Protection reduces the cost and complexity companies can experience when managing their information security and compliance requirements alongside malware and spam protection.

Following the acquisition of Utimaco which completed earlier this year, Sophos Security and Data Protection comprises Endpoint Security and Data Protection, Email Security and Data Protection, and Web Security and Control.

“Businesses today need to support a wide range of users accessing their IT systems, some of them using unmanaged devices in remote locations” said Bob Tarzey, service director at Quocirca.  “This includes employees working outside the office and external users such as contractors and employees of partners – the ability to ensure that all endpoints are safe to be given network access, and when it is granted to control and monitor activity is essential to ensure use of data is secure and compliant, particularly in light of recent high profile data loss incidents.”

“IT security solutions are often complicated, difficult to use and require a lot of administration time,” said Mark Hardcastle, IT Manager at GB Building Solutions. “Sophos Security and Data Protection sits quietly in the background and doesn’t require an excessive amount of time to set up and manage – we’ve had the administration burden removed and at the same time have a solution that is both feature-rich and totally resilient to the latest IT security threats.” Sophos makes available free, updated information about the latest malware and security news via a series of RSS feeds. Visit for more information.

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