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Knife Total

by msecadm4921

The authorities have hailed the total of 89,864 knives handed to police during the recent national knife amnesty.

The amnesty programme, which ran from 24 May to 30 June, encouraged people to dispose of knives and other weapons in secure bins at police stations, in England and Wales. No-one who voluntarily handed over a weapon would be prosecuted. A similar scheme has run in Scotland.
The Home Office adds that it is providing £500,000 to police forces across England and Wales dedicated to the enforcement of anti-knife laws. The money will be used for high-visibility police patrols in knife crime hot-spots, and on education and outreach, such as weapons awareness programmes in schools. Community groups have until August 4 to apply for funding from the Home Office Connected Fund to help tackle issues such as knife crime.

What they say

Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said: "I believe that having fewer knives on our streets makes us all more secure. Those who carry knives must understand that the weapons can be turned on them. Knives don’t make anyone safer."

Tony Melville, the Assistant Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers lead on knife crime added: "Every knife that is taken off our streets is one that cannot be used to kill, maim or intimidate."


It is illegal to carry a knife in a public place without good reason, or to market knives as suitable for combat.

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