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LCD Range

by msecadm4921

JVC has further added to their LCD range with the recent addition of three large LCD TFT graphic display screens which are available in the sizes of 46-inches (model GD-F46L1), 52-inches (model GD-F65L1) and 65-inches (model GD-F52L1).

Multiple images

The three 16:9 high-resolution LCD monitors enable users, the makers say, to effectively display multiple surveillance images from numerous sources such as CCTV cameras, graphical maps and computer sources and even high-definition resolution images on a single-screen in real-time.

Wide viewing angle

The wide viewing angle enables an enhanced viewing environment for operators and the LCDs produce outstanding quality images due to their anti-glare, low refection, high brightness and contrast. The LCD screens are made from a durable casing and have a silent and dynamic cooling system making them suitable the makers add for use in mission-critical security control rooms or public display areas operating 24/7.

Optional accessories

Every monitor accepts various video and data inputs including DVI, and can be operated with wired remote control via RS-232. Optional mounting accessories are available for installation on to a wall surface. JVC LCD monitors are also available in sizes ranging from 15, 17, 19 and 40-inches and the CRT monitor range is available in 10 to 21 inches.

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