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League Access

by msecadm4921

At the Warrington Wolves rugby league stadium, access control provides room by room security for users of all ages and data for managers of the facilities..

The system was supplied by Norbain and installed by G Security and Surveillance Limited.

The Warrington Wolves Community Learning & Sport Foundation is a stand-alone charitable trust, bringing together community groups. Part of the Wolves’ Halliwell Jones Stadium has been developed to provide health, well being and learning facilities. Nine rooms have each been specially designed to suit the requirements of partners within the scheme. Users come from all age groups and so it was essential to provide a safe environment for each zone.

What they say

"We needed a networked access control system that would enable all areas to be monitored," says G Security and Surveillance Limited Sales Director Shaun Ryan. "We chose to use the Paxton Net2 system because it is so easy to set up and use."
The system secures doors throughout the area and can be easily set up to suit each day’s programme of events. Doors are individually fully controlled and can be released or locked depending on what activities are taking place. Authorised users have a fob that is programmed to allow entry to the appropriate area at the allocated time.

Uses of the system extend beyond security, says Foundation Director Neil Kelly: "It is also helping us to collate important information about usage. The system helps demonstrate that we are meeting the targets set as part of our funding, for example it is easy to trace when particular rooms have been used and by whom."

Foundation staff have control of the operation. Neil Kelly praises the advice and help he received from the installer and the additional training for users that product distributor Norbain provided.

The system is also linked into the stadium fire alarm system. "If the fire alarm goes off, the Paxton system will automatically release all the doors," says Shaun Ryan.

About G Security and Surveillance

G Security and Surveillance Limited, established in 1978, is an installer of intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and fire alarms. Applications include shopping centres, business parks, construction sites, schools and offices buildings.  

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