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Merger Off, Clarke Away

by msecadm4921

Raymond Clarke, the Chief Executive of the Security Industry Training Organisation, is leaving the Worcester-based company.

Raymond Clarke, the Chief Executive of the Security Industry Training Organisation, is leaving the Worcester-based company at the end of September to pursue other business interests. SITO would only say in a prepared statement that the parting is by mutual agreement; Mr Clarke has been with SITO for over 14 years and has made a substantial contribution to its growth and influence over that time: ?We pay tribute to his achievements over the years and wish him well.?

Merger off

Meanwhile BSIA and JSIC have announced today that there are to be no further merger discussions, although the two bodies have said they will continue to work together on issues of the day. The two bodies have had what they describe as in-depth talks, exploring a variety of options, but said that any type of merger between the two would be impractical because of the very disparate nature of the organisations represented and their respective constitutions. BSIA and JSIC say they will continue to liaise, with a view to working together on issues of mutual interest. These include the Security Industry Export Focal Group and the Aviation Security Forum.

What they say

David Dickinson, BSIA Chief Executive said: ?A completely unified approach might on the face of it seem desirable, but we need to be realistic because of the great diversity within the sector. It?s all about pursuing a path that best meets the needs of the members of both organisations, and indeed the industry as a whole.? And Mike Welply, JSIC Chief Executive, said: ?Endeavouring to achieve a single voice to represent the industry was a legitimate and necessary exercise at this time of change and challenge; but the core purpose and history of the two organisations are so very different that it has proved impossible to find enough common ground for the foreseeable future. Effectively maintaining a good relationship and a joint approach on progressing key issues and initiatives is still a very positive step forward.? Visit and

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