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Metal Detection

by msecadm4921

Scanna MSC, UK manufacturers of security scanning products are launching a new portable metal detection unit. Gatescan-P.

The makers report that the product can be deployed and transported to virtually any location, and can be up and running within five minutes by a single operator, it is claimed. The product has zone-specific detection of weapons, and zone-specific sensitivity adjustments, according to the manufacturers. When taken apart, the units is small enough to pull along on wheels, and fits in the boot of a car, the makers add. The unit operates from a mains-rechargeable battery and provides up to 40 hours operation, suitable for outdoor events, the firm says. Applications include night-clubs, schools, sports and other events, and any business that seeks random or occasional security checks.

The makers add that the product is already in use in schools in London and with police forces.

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