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Metal Theft Reward

by msecadm4921

Michael Laurie, Crimestoppers chief executive, has been affected by cable theft. He released a statement speaking out against this crime and offering a reward for information.

Michael Laurie said: “Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of cable thieves.

“We will be launching a metal theft campaign early next year which will focus on all of us being victims, with one of the aim’s to highlight how the disruption such as what occurred today is not the fault of the companies, such as the rail operators, but is due to the criminal or criminals responsible.

“I experienced the frustration cable thieves cause for the first time myself this morning when cable had been stolen just south of London Bridge. The impact of this meant I missed my connection to a meeting in Warwickshire and spent five hours on trains and platforms watching delays and cancellations.

“Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people were affected by today’s incident of cable theft. Overhearing mobile phone calls on the train, for many it was just another workday inconvenience, but in the noise every now and then one picked out anguish; a long waited for consultant’s appointment missed, an ageing relative waiting without information about why the daughter had not arrived at the venue. This was a tiny sample, within my poor hearing in one carriage of one train. So a few pounds worth of copper has today caused millions of pounds lost in business, and a lot of heartache for some.

“I hope our campaign does some real damage to some of the criminals responsible and ends the misery and disruption is causes innocent members of the public.”

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