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Mobile ANPR

by msecadm4921

Smart CCTV Ltd has launched a mobile ANPR ‘dolly’ for use in a variety of applications including car park crime, traffic surveys and journey time analysis.

The product releases the user from the constraints of a single location for CCTV monitoring; communicating over G3/GPRS mobile telephony infrastructure and battery powered, it is fully deployable, the makers say.

The ANPR Dolly comes in two variants:

Overt: this uses a very near infra-red illumination system that appears as a dull red flash to the driver of a car, warning him/her that the number plate has been captured. This illumination system is preferred in access control, sector speed control and security applications where the aim is to deter an unwanted action such as theft of vehicle from secure compounds.

Covert: this uses a longer-range infra-red illumination system that is invisible to the driver. This solution is preferred in applications like journey time analysis and traffic analysis where it is important not to distract the driver.

Applications for the new product are foreseen, the makers say, as: automated traffic surveys, car park surveys, car ‘shopper’ vehicle identification, de-moorage, journey time analysis, sector speed control, temporary access control.

ANPR Dolly is easy, it is claimed, to set up at the roadside and has an industrial design to ensure reliable operation in even the harshest of UK weathers. Operating temperature range is minus 10 degrees C to plus 55 degrees C.

The system comprises image acquisition, infra red illumination, embedded image processor, mobile communications and battery based power supply. Its dimensions are 600mm(L) x 360mm (W) x 1300mm(H). It can undertake processing of number plates up to 20 per second, increasing reliability through multiple reads of one vehicle, the makers say. The ANPR product can interface with a range of database applications as well as web-based interfaces allowing access via PDAs and smart mobile telephones. Data can be transferred via TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, HTTP and DHCP protocols.

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