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Motion Analytics

by msecadm4921

IndigoVision, the IP video product company, has released an upgrade to its 11000 series High Definition (HD) IP camera range. It enables real time motion analytics to run in the camera. This includes the Activity Control Framerate (ACF) function that is common to all the company’s IP cameras.

The 11000 HD fixed and HD PTZ IP cameras can now offer both ACF and motion detection analytics. ACF controls the framerate of the camera video stream based on the amount of motion in the scene. When there is no activity, video is streamed over the network at minimum framerate; the instant motion is detected the video is automatically transmitted at the maximum configured framerate. This the makers say reduces the bandwidth and NVR storage requirement for cameras monitoring generally static scenes or during quiet periods such as at night.

The more sophisticated motion detection analytic function again detects motion in the scene, but can also be configured with direction, persistence and rearm parameters. Compared to IndigoVision’s standard definition IP cameras the new HD models offer dramatically increased analytics performance, enabling faster and more sensitive ACF and motion detection.

When the required motion is detected an alarm is raised in ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software, alerting operators to an intrusion or potential incident. This can then trigger any number of events, such as displaying the camera stream on a spot monitor, highlighting the camera location on an interactive site map or sending an email to alert staff. Running real-time analytics at the network edge increases incident response and allows operators to use what is known as a ‘black’ or ‘dark’ screen monitoring mode, where video is only displayed on alarm.

Both ACF and motion detection analytics are setup in-camera using an intuitive browser-based configuration tool. Both functions use a ‘region of interest’ editor to mask out areas of the scene that will be ignored by the motion detection. This is particularly useful in areas such as car parks, where areas of trees and bushes that will always show some movement can be masked.

As with all the company’s IP cameras the 11000 HD series guarantees full frame rate (25/30fps) video, under all conditions. This is achieved through the use of pure digital signalling from sensor to network and H.264 compression technology. Visit –

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