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Biometrics manufacturer Identix in the US has announced the commercial release of ABIS 3.0, its multi-biometric data-mining and search engine.

ABIS 3.0 is powered by Identix’ latest generation FaceIt technology (G6), which integrates Identix’ proprietary skin biometric technology. ABIS 3.0 provides increased scalability up to 100 million images, coupled with image quality control modules to help ensure maximum accuracy.

The ABIS System is Identix’ advanced multi-biometric data-mining and search system, designed for integrators developing large-scale, one-to-many systems, with specific applicability to end user ID programs such as Passport and Visa issuance, National IDs, DMVs and large-scale enterprise employee ID issuance and verification. The ABIS System contains built-in features such as failover protection that are required in an enterprise environment. Its architecture is modular, making it easy for users to expand their system as needs grow. Identix’ ABIS System also integrates easily with existing business applications using XML-based web services.

ABIS 3.0 is the first Identix product incorporating skin biometric technology into a facial search system. The skin subcomponent utilizes the micro-features of the skin for significantly enhanced accuracy and has clearly distinguished between identical twins in Identix tests. The combination of skin biometrics with a considerably enhanced FaceIt Feature quality control subcomponent provides uniformly accurate performance across a variety of facial image resolutions, the firm claims.

Identix says that internal tests using FaceIt G6 have demonstrated that for most data image populations – including the databases utilized in the latest US government Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT 2002) – the typical Correct Match Rate (CMR) increases substantially. These tests showed FaceIt G6 performance significantly exceeding the highest levels of performance from the FRVT 2002 results (of which Identix was in the top tier of performance). In addition, Identix tests demonstrated that when photo capture and quality guidelines associated with mug shots and biometric passports from NIST and ICAO are followed, CMR performance was even higher.

What they say

Dr. Paul Griffin, Chief Technology Officer of Identix, said: "ABIS 3.0 represents an advanced, mature product offering for scalable facial search technologies that is akin to exiting fingerprint systems currently in use for positive identification. While fully compatible and extremely accurate with existing databases, we believe ABIS 3.0 offers consistent breakthrough performance for face images meeting the format and quality requirements for biometric travel documents (visa and passports), which are based upon the new face recognition standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Standardization Organization (ISO), and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)."

ABIS 3.0 and FaceIt G6 technology will be showcased at the Biometric Consortium Conference, held from September 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia, USA.

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