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by msecadm4921

This time of year sees open air mass festivals of music such a Creamfields in Daresbury, in Cheshire.

This event was for over 18s – wristbands were given to ticket holders who appear to be under 21 once they have provided satisfactory proof of age. The wristbands were of a type that cannot be removed and transferred to other people.

One of the conditions of entry to the event was that festival goers are subject to a search. The had an opportunity to discard drugs in amnesty bins at the entrances, anyone later found with drugs will be dealt with by police.

Police officers were at both entrances to the event arena carrying out random searches of ticket holders, enforcing the law accordingly where any drugs were discovered. This was publicised to ticket holders prior to the event and also at the entrance to the site to act as a deterrent.

A number of police dogs trained to detect drugs were at the site entrances and if a dog indicated the presence of drugs to its handler, a police officer would search the individual.

Hand held detectors were also in use at the site entrances to detect and stop anyone attempting to carry a bladed item into the event.

"This is designed to be a fun event and we will be there working alongside the event organiser and security team to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy themselves," said Insp Paul Carroll. "At a large event like this people may be tempted to use controlled drugs for the first time, not realising what they are taking or its effects upon them. Our primary concern is safety; do not ruin your experience by using drugs or attempting to bring drugs into the site."

A ‘police village’ was created in a corner of the site in Daresbury. This is where senior officer coordinated the policing of the event in liaision with senior officers at the main police station in Warrington.

A mobile police station, which is next to the hospital tent, was open for crimes to be reported. As part of the conditions of the licensing agreement a minimum number of 410 stewards/security staff were deployed throughout the event.

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