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Navy Selection

by msecadm4921

Fastcom Technology, a provider of video-based event detection solutions to the security industry, has had its Smoke and Fire Alert system (SFA) selected for evaluation by the US Navy.

The first phase of the program consisted of laboratory testing conducted by Hughes Associates, an independent, fire safety consultant under contract to the Naval Research Laboratory. The second phase of the tests (for which SFA has now been selected) will be conducted onboard the ex-USS SHADWEL, the Navy’s full-scale damage control research facility.

Video-based detection offers significant advantages over traditional methods of fire and smoke detection including: faster detection time; better information for decision makers by providing a higher level of situation awareness and alarm verification; reduced level of maintenance and wiring required; provides automatic on-scene video to assess conditions prior, during and after personnel intervention; and ability to integrate multiple sensor information (Multi-dimension analysis). The SFA alarm management system has been designed to allow additional sensors to be combined with the SFA smoke and fire algorithms, allowing the system to be adapted for many different situations and applications.

About Fastcom Technology

Fastcom supplird video-based event detection systems. Its products are used for fire and smoke detection and for singularisation control in access systems. The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. For more information, visit the Fastcom Technology web site at:

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