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by msecadm4921

At the 2002 American Society for Industrial Security?s (ASIS) trade show and conference, video over IP manufacturer SmartSight introduced its networked digital video solution – Versalis.

The Versalis suite of products, which includes SmartSight?s S8500 storage server, S1000W and S1500 digital video servers, and nDVR video management software, offers a method of viewing, storing and capturing digital video images. Versalis is a networked digital video management solution that combines distributed viewing, storage and capture of high quality, high resolution, live video, voice and data, the makers report.

– Distributed Viewing ? SmartSight?s nDVR video management software enables simultaneous viewing, recording and playback from any location concurrently
– Distributed Storage ? SmartSight?s S8500 Video Storage Server records live video and audio across multiple servers and at multiple sites
– Distributed Capture ? SmartSight?s digital video servers convert video to IP right at the camera, take advantage of existing network wiring, and bypass the cost and drawbacks of coax cabling

Jean-Paul Saindon, SmartSight president says: ?Security experts in the government and commercial sectors are seeking versatile, scalable and reliable networked video solutions. Also, Versalis? unique wireless components and its opened architecture platform offer mobility, flexibility and scalability that is unmatched by our competitors. We can deliver superior video surveillance even where coax cabling is unavailable.?

Versalis features

Distributed managed video solution over an IP network. Distributed storage, viewing and capture that allows access to all the cameras, monitors and peripherals at the same time from anywhere in the network. Possible to use the existing network and is expandable, because all units are independent of each other. Versalis leverages the LAN, WAN and IP networks already in place in customer locations. Every camera in the system has its own IP address. This distributed capture capability ensures that even if problems develop at a particular point, the entire video surveillance capability is not compromised. Encoded digital video offers greater security and data integrity.

Bandwidth management. With SmartSight?s Versalis, using MPEG4 technology, the bandwidth is scalable from 8 KB to 2 MB/second, depending upon the applications per camera, and manages two video streams: frames per second (1 ? 30) and image quality (1 ? 10). All encoders are plug and play ? a lost connection triggers an alarm. And all information can be indexed in relational databases. Users can search using a variety of parameters, such as the percentage of motion on cameras. Bookmarks can be added to facilitate searches.

Full motion video. Real time video up to 30 fps (frames per second) per camera, regardless of the number of cameras managed by the system.

Multicast technology. Enables creation of virtual links between one camera and multiple monitors, ensuring efficient bandwidth use ? many users can access the same live camera at the same time without using more bandwidth.

Integrates Pocket PC (with Windows CE). Users can monitor live cameras and playback archived files using a Pocket PC running Windows CE through any IP network based connection. This feature brings video access to mobile users such as police officers, SWAT teams or security personnel. Video archives can also be accessed from anywhere on the network or across the internet. Visit

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