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Offshore Fear

by msecadm4921

Security considerations are being overlooked in the rush to move operations to ?offshore? locations such as India, Malaysia and China, a consultancy fears.

Offshoring is like the dot com boom: companies are so enamoured by the opportunities that they remain blind to the digital risks involved, transforming security from a core discipline to an afterthought. Moving operations or outsourcing corporate functions to another country can create significant cost-savings. Although companies reap economic benefits with offshoring, they inherit a host of new digital risk. These risks need to be properly identified, quantified and accepted if security is going to be maintained. Basic security steps to consider when making an offshore plan include: generating and communicating effective security policies for offshore third parties, defining corporate security requirements for offshore application development; conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of both the network infrastructure and applications; and on-site audits to ensure that all environments comply with corporate security standards. Effective security should not be bolted on after the fact – it needs to be built in as an integral part of the offshoring process. Executives need to ask themselves, ‘what new risks are introduced by the decision to offshore operations?’ The earlier these risks are identified, the easier it is to address them.

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