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by msecadm4921

Access control product manufacturer TDSi has launched PalmGarde, one of the first physical access control products to incorporate Fujitsu’s PalmSecure sensor.

Palm vein recognition technology was developed by Fujitsu to help combat the financial fraud and forgery. The product firm reports that unlike fingerprints, which change during childhood, the palm vein pattern is established in the womb and is constant throughout life. Working on near-infrared light, PalmGarde reads and processes the palm vein pattern, which, as it lies underneath the epidermis, can’t be distorted by damage to the skin, age, or the wearing of gloves. The product firm claims a false rejection rate of 0.01 per cent and a false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008pc.

TDSi Managing Director, John Davies, said: "PalmGarde offers a combination of improved security, high performance, reduced cost of operation and user friendly performance. Combined with our eXguard Pro software, it represents a solution for building owners, security professionals and installers.”

The contact-free biometric technology is suitable, it is claimed for any public area; particularly in healthcare. A user places the palm of their hand over the reader, which in turn scans and attempts to match it against the template database. The product has an external reader input, so it can be added to an existing access control system without the need to replace equipment; or, the reader may be used in a single door application, operating as a stand alone unit, the makers add.

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