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Paris Homeland Day

by msecadm4921

Francis Delon, Secretary General of National Defence Ministry, France will open this year’s official Eurosatory Conference focusing on Homeland Security in Urban Areas, on June 18 at Villepinte, Paris, France.

Organised by GICAT with Jane’s, the conference will look at the detection and prevention of terrorist incidents and at the development of sufficiently robust critical national infrastructure.  Speakers will also discuss how best to manage the consequences of attacks and at how to improve the links between the civil and military arms of government in securing the most effective response to critical incidents.   
Speakers from France, United Kingdom, Canada and United States of America will join in a debate examining the difficult and demanding issues affecting governments and consider the responses that are appropriate. 
Speakers include: Sir David Omand, Former UK Security and Intelligence Co-ordinator and Permanent Secretary Cabinet Office, UK.

Peter Verga, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs.

Brigadier General David Fraser, Former Regional Commander South in Afghanistan.

Gilles de Kerckhove, EU Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator. 

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, Head of Central Operations, the Metropolitan Police Service, London.  

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