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by msecadm4921

HID Connect, the partnership arm of HID Global, the access control manufacturer, held its first EMEA regioniNNOVATIONconference on November 29 and 30.

Introducing HID Connect to development partners in Europe/Middle East/ Africa, the event followed an iNNOVATION2006 conference in San Diego in September 2006.

Some 20 development partners took part in the two-day event at the Radisson SAS hotel at London Stansted Airport. Bruce Bianco, president of Synercard, presented Asure ID and SmartGateTM to the audience.

‘‘I was delighted to see over 20 partners attend iNNOVATIONEMEA, it provided the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together to form a strong partner community, creating a foundation for the future of HID Connect, for both our partners and for HID Global’’ said David Sullivan Managing Director of HID Global in the EMEA.

Aimed at the use of HID Global technology beyond HID manufactured products, HID Connect promotes applications and products that use HID 13.56 MHz iCLASS and 125 kHz proximity technologies. HID Connect, headed by Debra Spitler, HID Global’s executive vice president of HID Connect, provides a platform, according to the firm, for software and hardware development. The firm reports that its goal is to help end-users to “do more than open the door” with their HID cards. Applications being developed include time and attendance, PC secure log-on, point-of-sale and cashless vending, biometrics, parking, arming and disarming of security alarm panels, electronic standalone battery powered door locks, first responder/handheld productsand intercom and other communication systems.

What they say

“HID Connect is focused on positioning HID as a platform provider to help expand and support the new “ecosystem” that requires a single credential for many day-to-day applications,” said Debra Spitler, HID Global’s executive vice president of HID Connect. “HID Global’s strength in all aspects of secure credentialing allows us to extend the use of a single secure credential to cost-effectively and conveniently solve additional business problems throughout an enterprise.”

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