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Pelco And TAC

by msecadm4921

Pelco announces integration of its Endura IP Video Management System with TAC Continuum Security and Access Control and Building Automation System.

This allows users to manage building alarm events quickly and efficiently, the firms say. The new “XDriver™”, provided by TAC, allows the Continuum Security and Building Automation system to issue preset commands to Pelco’s Endura IP based Video Management System. Upon receiving the alarm preset command from Continuum, the Endura system then automatically selects the appropriate camera closest to the alarm occurrence and automatically positions the camera (pan, tilt, and zoom).
Continuum then logs the alarm event and through this integration, allows critical crystal clear video to be displayed on any Endura workstation or video console display monitor, thus allowing action and response by an operator.

“In order to provide the safest environment possible, you must be able to respond to potential and real threats as quickly as possible. Linking access control with video security systems improves response time and safety. The new “XDriver” is just the first step to linking Pelco Endura with TAC Continuum and raising the bar for secure facilities,” says Jon Williamson, TAC Senior Product Manager.

With the ability to scale from a few to a few hundred, to thousands of cameras, an Endura system can be designed to fit a range of customer situations, Pelco add.

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