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by msecadm4921

Some 22 students from schools across Surrey have joined Surrey Police on a 12-month work experience programme designed to encourage local youngsters to consider a career with the police.

Launched at Surrey University by Chief Constable Bob Quick and Chairman of the Surrey Police Authority Liz Campbell, the ‘Growing our own’ programme has created the role of Surrey Police Community Student, giving students from Surrey schools the opportunity to work on different police divisions with various units and departments during their school holidays and free time, to gain some experience of what it would be like to join the service.

A specially designed uniform of cargo trousers, polo shirt, baseball cap and a reflective jacket is being provided for each student to wear while they spend time with officers and staff, getting involved in aspects of day-to-day policing such as patrolling with neighbourhood specialist officers or helping out in police station front offices.

Surrey Police is the first force to work with Trident, a charitable trust and the largest co-ordinator of work experience in the UK, to offer policing as a real work experience option. Last year the partnership resulted in the largest and most successful work experience project ever carried out within a police force when 47 students took part in a three-day pilot programme, their every move monitored by assessors looking to find Surrey’s officers of the future.

The students, who spent time with Surrey officers learning about everything from dog handling to drug awareness, also had to take the same fitness test as every new police recruit and complete a chosen project. Those who showed potential as future officers will shortly be starting the very first 12-month work experience programme.

What they say

Chief Inspector Neil Boon, head of Surrey Police Recruitment, said: “Surrey Police is committed to neighbourhood policing, with local solutions to local problems, and this work experience programme is about identifying and developing local people to serve local communities in the future. We are an innovative police force with a wide range of excellent career opportunities for both police officers and police staff, which helps to make us a very competitive employer.”

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