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Port Security Management is the title of a new American published book by Dr Kenneth Christopher.

ISBN: 142006892X • $89.95 / £49.99. March 2009 • Pages: 336 • Trim: 7 x 10 • Binding: Hardcover
The  term Homeland Security hardly existed before September 11, 2001, yet today it dominates public policy and the economic agendas of world governments. The transportation industries have been subjected to unprecedented scrutiny and regulatory mandates in recent years, and the port and maritime sector are no exception. Port Security Management reflects this altered landscape of the post-9/11 era, providing real-world guidelines for strategic security planning and implementation processes.
The book begins with a historical and organizational perspective on maritime and port security, then discusses the management of risk assessment, presenting it within the context of the unique vulnerabilities within the maritime and port environments. The book addresses the ground-level issues, tasks, and responsibilities that must be managed by the security manager in concert with the port director and federal and local law enforcement agencies. The author explores the growth of multiuse port facilities for recreation, hospitality, and external business and commercial interests and offers perspectives on the role of technology in security. The book ends by examining how to develop and coordinate contingency and emergency operations plans to work effectively with federal, state, local, and private stakeholders.


Part I: History and Organization of Port and Maritime Security • 1 Introduction to Port Security Management • 2 Maritime and Port Security: A Manager’s Perspective  •  3 Security Challenges Facing Port Operations  •  Part II:  Risk Management, Planning and Coordination of Port Security  •  4 Port Security as a Risk Management Activity •  5 Port Facility Security as a Management Function • Part III: Implementing a Plan for Port Security: Management Tasks and Responsibilities •  6 Facility and Personnel Security • 7 Access Controls 8 Physical Security Issues in the Port Facility •  9 Security Force Management • 10 Vessel and Cargo Operations  •  11 Safety and Emergency Management  •  12 Managing Technology Solutions for Port Facility Security • 13 Systemic Management for a Secure and Viable Port Facility.

Dr Kenneth Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s and doctorate degrees in public administration.  Dr Christopher has served 26 years in law enforcement, most recently as captain with the Miami-Dade Police Department. From 1996 to 2006, he held various positions of increasing responsibility in policing an and security at the Port of Miami. This culminated in his appointment as Chief of Seaport Security Enforcement and Facility Security Officer, responsible for the Port Facility Security Plan, leadership for the civilian security staff and the coordination of security and law enforcement operations at the world’s largest passenger cruise port. Previously, he worked with the US Maritime Administration and the Organization of American States as a curriculum developer and instructor in the Inter-American Port Security Training Program.   Currently, Dr. Christopher is Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for criminal justice at Park University, which provides educational services to 26,000 students on over 40 campus centers across the US.  He has also held teaching positions at Lynn University, and St. Thomas University in Florida.

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