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Radio Fire Alarm

by msecadm4921

Structural reasons or aesthetic considerations often require the use of fire alarms that work without any cable connections.

Bosch has developed the new FK 100 LSN radio fire alarm system for this purpose. It is also suitable for the flexible extension of a fire alarm system already installed in a Local Security Network, LSN.

About the product

The FK 100 LSN consists of a radio-type coupler which is integrated in the LSN ring, and up to 30 radio-type smoke detectors. The transmission of the information between the detectors and the coupler is effected by radio in the SRD frequency band (between 868 and 870 MHz). This frequency range is reserved specially for hazard detection technology and offers a high level of transmission and function reliability, the makers say. This is also guaranteed by the detector technology with stray light measurement and powerful detection algorithms. A further advantage is the exact definition of the alarm location through integration in the LSN. Two nine-volt lithium batteries provide the detectors with sufficient energy, and the radio transmission range is 40 metres.

Installation cost

Since no complicated cable connections are required, installation costs are negligible, Bosch say. The installation of the FK 100 LSN system is easy and practically dirt-free. The system can easily be extended as required. Thanks to their battery operation, the location and positioning of the radio smoke detectors can be selected as required, and the batteries have a service life of five years, which ensures low maintenance costs. Another advantage is the automatic configuration of the FK 100 LSN; this facilitates the commissioning of the system. Visit

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