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Refuge Intercom

by msecadm4921

A disabled evacuation and refuge intercom system was supplied to Brunel University by Complus Teltronic.

The system is compliant with the requirements of the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA), BS5588 Part 8 and BS5839 Part 9.

Most Government buildings including Colleges and Universities are more than two stories high. BS5588 Part 8 specifies that a means of refuge and escape must be provided for disabled persons within public buildings. This includes educational facilities.

Intercom stations in all Brunel’s campus buildings and car parks call to various local Master Stations with automatic transfer to the main Control Room when not answered. Induction Loop Amplifier interfaces are provided for those with hearing impairment.

Forming a part of a larger integrated communication solution, each different location has a Commend GE200 Intercom Server supplying the local intercom units. Facilities include Disabled Toilet Intercom, Barrier Intercom, Disabled Evacuation and Refuge Intercom, Help Points, etc. Major cost savings are made by networking the numerous buildings via the University’s own IP network. In case of a network failure, the Commend Intercom Servers also interconnect via the University’s telephone system to form an alternative back up routing.

Refuge areas – situated on landings, are equipped with an Emergency Intercom panel. Provision has also been made for future integration with a CCTV system, so that associated cameras will be automatically switched to the control rooms when a call is made.

The Main College, Faculty Buildings, Halls of Residence, Sports Facilities, Library and Car Parks are all linked over the IP network. Car Park barriers are raised/lowered remotely by the Master Station in the main control room. Disabled toilets – each equipped with an alarm pull cord, indicator and re-set button are linked to the Intercom Server. Possible extensions to the system will include more Help Points, Lone Worker Monitoring and Lift Alarms.

By having a Disabled Evacuation and Refuge Intercom System installed, not only is Brunel University complying with the DDA, but it is enabling mentally and physically impaired people to seek direct aid during incidents such as fire, building evacuation or bomb scare. By going to the nearest Refuge and pressing the button, the disabled person will be able to talk directly to an operator. Intercom panels are placed at a height accessible to both wheelchair bound and the physically able. Local Final Exit master stations will ensure a safer, quicker way to find people and successfully evacuate them from the premises. The University has the option to configure the system so that at normal times, the Call Points can also be used for general assistance purposes.

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