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Responder Kit

by msecadm4921

Anti-chemical, biological nuclear and radiological product firm Allen-Vanguard is urging the defence and emergency response industries to focus on personal safety and ensure their colleagues on the frontline are properly equipped.

The firm has developed the First Responder Kit (FRK) – a selection of basic tools to safeguard the first responder, including a gas mask, a protective suit, a water canteen, gloves and boots. Items are sized to fit into a tailor-made carry bag.

Agents protection

The gas mask, boots and gloves are made from butyl rubber to ensure complete protection against liquid agents, and to provide user comfort. The gas mask is designed with a drinking tube to enable the first responder to remain hydrated without compromising safety. The protective suit is breathable for users to complete a full shift in hot or cold weather conditions. It can also be laundered up to six times to ensure value for money, the makers add.

What they say

“In the heightened level of threat we face today, it is essential that first responders worldwide are equipped with the latest in self-protective measures for them to work at the front line as safely as possible,” said Roy Peers-Smith, managing director of Allen-Vanguard. “The equipment in the First Responder Kit has been individually and stringently tested. Allen-Vanguard prides itself on providing high levels of protection which meet the end user’s requirements.”

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