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Retail Crime Database

by msecadm4921

A new crime database for the retail industry – already used on the high street – is on show in London in February. Visit

The database, managed by Retail Loss Prevention Ltd, the UK civil recovery company, is on display at the Bonnington Hotel, 92 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1 on Wednesday, February 12, starting at 10.30am. Prof Joshua Bamfield of RLP told Professional Security that reported crime incidents can be passed to the civil recovery system. The new system does not need a PC in every store. Stores telephone the details of every incident through to RLP staff in the same way as they report civil recovery offenders now. Retail Loss Prevention operates civil recovery on behalf of more than 70 retailers and has a database of shop thieves with details of more than 73,000 offenders. A range of reports about the value of goods stolen, the days of the week, and the area of the store from which they were stolen can be generated by the system.

About the system

A retailer using the system can enjoy a full-automated Loss Prevention Management Reporting system with little investment in computers, he added. Because the retailer would expect to report an increased number of thieves for civil recovery, the costs of the new system could be covered by additional civil recovery income. The system has been developed by Keith Towner of Intacom, who was largely responsible for the Loss Prevention Reporting system at Bhs, and by Prof Bamfield. The first user of the Reporting System is HMV.
Features of the new database are: it handles all incidents from five-year-olds to 95 years; incidents are telephoned through by shop staff; input to new data base by RLP staff; if appropriate, passed to civil recovery database. Information captured includes; range of physical descriptions; what security systems were overcome by thief? what part of the store? what product? and what police time to respond? Data or reports can be fed into other crime system for retail crime initiatives. The system has been developed with HMV but can be customised for any other retailer, Prof Bamfield adds.

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