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Retail Listening

by msecadm4921

Retail and commercial installer ID Technology Group reports that its ID Guardian solution allows staff, at the touch of a button, to activate two-way audio transmission through CCTV.

This triggers a listening device in the store to enable a central monitoring station to hear , and permits intervention through talking to the offender via the store PA system. Andrew Gillies, Managing Director at ID Technology Group, said: “Violence and anti-social behaviour are growing problems within the retail industry. Just using CCTV cameras to capture footage of the action is only part of the solution to provide sufficient remote intelligence and protection for retailers. We are working with several high street retailers to implement systems which not only monitor people’s actions, but can record sound too; a person’s body language may be calm, but what they are saying to retail staff may be abusive, threatening and offensive; our system can capture the entire incident, relaying vital information. Add the stresses of peak shopping periods like Christmas and the January sales to the equation and retailers can see the added value of implementing a system that can see, hear and if needs be, interact.” The installer adds that it’s one of their IDEAS (Integrated Digital Electronic Automated System) suite of products.

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