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by msecadm4921

Vista has announced a contract to supply the till monitoring system, Vista TEAM, across the JD Sports retail network of more than 300 stores nationwide.

Vista TEAM – Transaction EPoS and ATM Monitoring – provides users with a searchable method for recording and reviewing integrated transaction and CCTV data from a multitude of EPoS (electronic point of sale) machines. Once the rollout is complete, JD Sports expects to see a reduction in refund, void and no sales-related till fraud.

As part of a corporate wide re-evaluation of the company’s in store anti-fraud strategy, JD Sports has completed trials of the till monitoring system, Vista TEAM. Each store in the initiative will now be fitted with a Vista TEAM data monitoring device and Till/TEAM interface for each till connected to a Vista Triplex Columbus digital video recorder.

Mark Pritchard, Divisional Director of Vista, explains how the system works: "The TEAM monitoring device passes sales transaction data from the EPoS system (via the interface) to the Triplex Columbus DVR. The DVR then combines and records the transaction data with captured CCTV images. Video and transaction information is stored on the Triplex Columbus hard disk unit that provides from 40GB to 1TB of storage. Each store is linked over the company’s internal computer network to the JD Sports’ monitoring centre at Heywood in Lancashire. There security staff monitor and investigate suspect transactions remotely utilising the search capability of the Columbus to access the required transactions in seconds and then quickly decide whether the suspicious transaction is genuine or not. In store management need only be involved when there is a genuine suspicion that a fraud has been committed."

Shaun Gabriel, Distribution Security Manager at the John David Group Plc, emphasises that Vista Team will have a significant impact, reducing fraud and security costs while improving in store staff relations: "The integration of these two in-store systems – CCTV and EPoS – will lead to the more effective scrutiny of suspect transactions. Running the system across the company’s network facilitates centralised monitoring and it is that will reduce our security costs while at the same time helping to maintain good staff relations within the store. As we can drill down quickly and confidentially to an individual member of staff, there is no need to involve the store manager unless there is a serious issue. The integration of Vista TEAM with the company’s own data mining tools provides even greater flexibility for detailed drill down analysis of store losses in complementary areas such as discount sales."

Tim Edwards, JD Sports’ Loss Control Director, believes that Vista TEAM offers the retailer multiple benefits: "We elected to use the Columbus hard disk recorder and TEAM combination because the solution was price competitive and offered numerous additional facilities including the till data function. The major benefit arises from the level of sophisticated monitoring we achieve through its digital and integrated design. The system sits on our internal intranet so is compatible with our centralized monitoring strategy but – due to the compression technology involved – has no negative impact on other network traffic."

Tim Edwards is totally sold on digital CCTV recording and searching technology: "we appreciate the search function, the alarm inputs and the ability to set different record frame rates for different cameras depending on the quality of image we need. The benefit of integration comes with the synchronisation of till and recorder times through our computer network. This cuts down dramatically on the painstaking task of identifying the suspicious transaction in question. So Vista TEAM enables us to identify suspicious transactions quickly as well as accurately. We hope to eliminate very many suspicious transactions as a result and become recognised as a retailer with a highly effective counter fraud strategy." Vista TEAM will be implemented in a focused rollout across the John David Group plc and its constituent brands.

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