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Riots: Legal Helpline

by msecadm4921

A Riot Victims Hotline, a collaborative project from the Law Society and LawWorks, aims to provide pro-bono legal advice to businesses affected by the recent riots across England.

The Eversheds Business Lawyers Charitable Trust has donated £5,000 towards it.

The dedicated telephone helpline will offer free legal advice and support to the victims of the rioting, in particular the small independent shopkeepers whose livelihoods are under threat. Eversheds’ pledge to hotline will help to fund the cost of an additional case worker and the firm will also be supplying pro-bono legal advice.

The Eversheds Business Lawyers Charitable Trust was established by the firm to support and fund charitable activities by people in the business. As well as donating more than £210,000 to charitable causes through the Trust, Eversheds employees from all levels across the business work with LawWorks and Trust Law to supply pro-bono legal advice to individuals and organisations across the world.

Charitable Trust Chairman and Partner Alan Meredith said: “The riots in England have affected the livelihoods of hundreds of small business owners, at a time when businesses are still struggling to cope with the effects of the recession. This helpline embodies the legal profession’s commitment to the local communities it operates in. We hope that our contribution to this project will help to provide the practical advice that small businesses will need in order to get back on track.”

And Law Society president John Wotton said: “Over the coming months, the victims will need practical help to get their businesses or personal lives back on track in these very difficult circumstances should have a quick route to specialist advice.

“The Law Society has been calling on the profession to provide pro bono assistance to help meet the demand. I have been hugely impressed by the response of solicitors so far who are demonstrating yet again their commitment to a just and stable society and urge others to join the movement.”

Pictured: A Wolverhampton shop with boarded-up front after the August rioting, with sign saying that it’s still open for business.

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