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Rising Star Award

by msecadm4921

Vaulted Image Technologies Limited, a security systems designer and manufacturer, has won Business Link Hertfordshire’s Rising Stars Award for Best Use of Technology.

Dave Harmon, Sales Director of Vaulted Image Technologies said: "Business Link has provided us with the springboard to launch ourselves to success. The idea for the business was borne out of the desire to offer solutions of IP technology, digital video surveillance and high quality security equipment which neither the standard security nor IT companies could do as an integrated package themselves. We now install systems and provide equipment to protect sites that might be susceptible to criminal activity such as building sites, utilities’ sites, banking sites and prestige buildings. These systems are both overt and covert. Recently we have started specialising in areas prone to fly-tipping for the council market. Our customer base includes large blue chip clients, smaller high-end customers, risk assessment and VIP protection companies, manned guarding and control room companies, specialist surveillance companies, the construction industry, the police, county councils, utilities, and the military. Throughout our past two years, we gradually realised that our unique selling point was our ability to create bespoke solutions to customers’ problems which were innovative and of high quality, specifically focused on only what the customer needs. With this model we hope for great success in the future. Business Link’s LIFT course provided a framework for us to develop our business. With their specialist advisers, we were able to charge ahead in the pursuit of excellence knowing we have a strong business model.”

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