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Robbery Symposium

by msecadm4921

IBP Group is holding its sixth annual Focus on Robbery Partnership Symposium on September 13 and 14.

Delegates will discuss the ‘big issues’ concerning robbery in the retail environment and how staff and assets can be protected and the impact of these crimes reduced.

The symposium will present a real life robbery reconstruction and then conduct a ‘cradle to grave’ interactive mini-conference raising important crime prevention strategies that can reduce the likelihood of retail robberies happening. The focus of the session will include pre and post raid preparation, looking after staff, preservation of forensic evidence, police action and the legal process.

Richard Childs QPM, former Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable, will chair the event. Invited speakers include Michael Hodge, Principal Architectural Liaison Officer for Greater Manchester Police & Visiting Professor at University of Salford; Steve Nelson, Group Security Manager, Thomas Cook; Detective Inspector Andy Smith, Met Police Flying Squad; and Kevin Tasker, Head of the Centre for Crisis Psychology.

What they say

Digby Ram, Managing Director of IBP Group said: "No single person has a monopoly on security knowledge and this years Symposium will bring together some of the best expertise in the field of crime reduction, victim support and criminal behaviour. Working in isolation is no longer an option and when it involves violent crime we all have a duty to ensure that retailers, staff and customers can go about their business in safety."

Professional actors will undertake the robbery re-enactment, which will contain several procedural errors and a lack of recognised security measures to highlight areas of bad practice that can assist offenders when carrying out retail robberies. The experts will then provide an insight into how the retail sector can protect itself by maintaining compliance of simple security procedures and installing a range of crime reduction measures that deter offending and help detect criminals should a robbery take place.

To complete the circle of crime reduction strategies, David Ryan will provide the delegates with advice on how the National Intelligence Model can be used in retail. The presentation will include examples of how suspicion can be converted into intelligence and how this can empower staff to make informed decisions thereby protecting people and assets.

About IBP Group

Founded in 1992, IBP specialises in the protection of cash and the management of security equipment installation programmes:

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