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Rugged Mobile

by msecadm4921

This month sees the official launch of the Ventura Rugged Mobile phone to the UK. Advance orders are now being taken and samples are available for evaluation and trial.

The Ventura mobile phone is described as rugged, water resistant to IP67 and is designed to withstand being dropped from two metres. It also has an anti-crush construction.

The product can accept 2 SIM cards; the SIMs can be from different airtime providers, giving the user the ability to choose different networks for different purposes. Some users may wish to have a private SIM and a business SIM, others may require a global roaming, low cost SIM and a standard UK SIM.

Features include GPS, touch screen operation, long battery life, WAP, camera, MP3 and MPEG4 players. Durrocomm, the company behind the UK launch of Ventura are relatively new to the market, having launched the LM801 basic rugged phone two years ago. To find out more about the Ventura Rugged Mobile Phone go to –

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