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by msecadm4921

In Stirling, Central Scotland Police are asking those who live near schools to look after them during the summer break as they launched their School Safe campaign at East Plean Primary School.

The initiative is run by the police, Community Wardens and Stirling Council’s Education department.

Stirling Area Commander Superintendent Davie Flynn said: “My officers along with community wardens and education officers will visit all the schools across the Stirling Council area during the summer holidays to ensure that there is no damage or vandalism.

“East Plean primary school was deliberately chosen as it has been vandalised five times over the last 18 months. The aim of the initiative is for everybody to take ownership of their local primary school during the summer holidays. People who live near the schools should have received a leaflet explaining the aims of the initiative.

East Plean Primary school head teacher Connie Desmond said: “It is really sad for all the children to find that their school has been damaged while they are away. We have recently had the benches vandalised and the trees damaged and previously windows have been smashed. This can mean that due to the damage the children are not allowed to play in these areas.”

Stirling Council estimate that each year the cost of vandalism to the schools across the council area runs into four figures.

Superintendent Flynn added: “We need the communities to be our eyes and ears. If you see anybody hanging about school grounds during the summer months or acting suspiciously you should call us. We want to make sure you can go back to a new school year without any damage to your school.”

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